Non Violence

Powerful and influential stance that promotes peaceful resolutions to conflicts and the rejection of physical or emotional harm.

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What We Do

“Welcome to Project Banbo, a platform dedicated to promoting nonviolence and creating a more peaceful world.”

Education and Awareness

This includes workshops, seminars, online resources, or educational campaigns that promote peaceful dialogue and conflict resolution.

Community Engagement & Advocacy

This involves organizing community events, facilitating dialogue circles, or promoting inclusive and respectful interactions among diverse groups.

Research and Innovation

This includes studies, publications, or partnerships that contribute to knowledge and best practices in nonviolent action.

Our Projects

At Project Banbo, we are committed to creating positive change through our impactful nonviolence projects.

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Activities & Resource library

Welcome to our activities and resource library, where you can explore a wealth of opportunities to engage with nonviolence and access valuable educational materials.


“Engaging with Project Banbo and their nonviolence projects has been a truly transformative experience for me. Through their workshops and initiatives, I have gained a deeper understanding of the power of peaceful dialogue and conflict resolution. The team’s dedication to creating positive change is inspiring, and their projects have had a tangible impact on fostering empathy and understanding within our community. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of their efforts and witness firsthand the ripple effect of nonviolence. Project Banbo is truly making a difference in promoting peace and harmony, and I highly recommend getting involved with their initiatives.”

Abdul Razak

Our Story

Project Banbo was founded by decent men of great consciousness. A vision driven by a deep conviction that, nonviolence is the best path to lasting peace, and Social transformation. Advocacy for peace, and peaceful solutions, and promoting nonviolence as a strategic tool for positive change are the core values of Project Banbo.

Driven by passion, the founding members have worked tirelessly to build Project Banbo with a clear vision, and an unwavering determination to promote community-led peace, and to also work with individuals and groups, who shared in the committment to nonviolence, and dedication to promoting peaceful solutions to conflicts.

Working together, we will help build a world where conflicts at all levels, can be peacefully resolved, violence would be overcome, and hostility would be dismantled. Join us to carry forward, the global torch of nonviolence.